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If you are from outside EU and you want to come to the UK to study you should apply for visit visas (there are some exception to this rule).

There are mainly two types of study visas: Tier 4 and Short Term Study Visa.
Tier 4 is for students who want to study longer term and usually want to extend their stay after finishing their course of study. It is usually  being used by university/college students. 

To apply for Tier 4, you should be sponsored by a Tier 4 sponsor (usually a university or college) and you meet specific requirements relating to English language and maintenance. You may be required to attend an interview to satisfy visa officer that you are genuine students.

There is a sub category of Tier 4 Child which is for under 18 years old students.
If you want come to the UK for short courses and do not want to extend inside the UK, you can use Short term Study visa. You should satisfy visa officers about your financial standings and intention to leave.

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